UHMW-PE Sheet、PE Sheet
  Bunker Lining Plate、Silo Liner、High Wear-resistant Plate
  UHMWPE Shaped Pieces、Rollers、Bushings、Abrasion-resistant Block
  Fendercap、Fender Panels、Fender Impingement Plate
  Engineering Plastics Alloy MGE、MGA、MGB
  MC Nylon Rod、Nylon Pulley、Nylon Bushings
  Rare Earth Nanometer Reinforced Plastics
  Anti-static PE Sheet、Color PE Sheet
    Zhenjiang Polymer Compound Material Co., Ltd. is located in water garden city of Yangzhong in Jiangsu Province, which is 200 kilometers away from Shanghai. Our company is one of the directors of the China Plastic Processing Industry Association. We have fixed assets RMB 30 million, the area of our company covers more than 20, 000 square meters, with more than 250 employees, of which more than 30 technicians. We specialize in manufacturing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) products.
    Our main products are UHMW-PE products: UHMW-PE Sheets,UHMW-PE Rods, UHMW-PE Wear-resistant Plates, UHMW-PE Rollers, UHMW-PE Pipe and UHMW-PE Special Parts. In addition, we also produce nylon products, PTFE products, rubber products and rare earth and nanometer reinforced engineering plastics etc. Our annual production capacity for UHMW-PE products is 2000 tons every year.
    We can produce various sizes and colours for UHMW-PE Sheets as follows: 4250 × 1250 × (10 ~ 220) mm, 3130 × 1250 × (10 ~ 70) mm, 2250 × 1030 × (10 ~ 260) mm, 2000 × 8000 × (20 ~ 200) mm, 2000 × 1000 × (10 ~ 50) mm, 7000 × 730 × (10 ~ 100) mm, 7500 × 510 × (10 ~ 100) mm; UHMW-PE Rods: Φ 20, Φ 25, Φ 30, Φ 35, Φ 40, Φ 45, Φ 50, Φ 55, Φ 60, Φ 65, Φ 70, Φ 75, Φ 80, Φ 85, Φ 90, Φ 95, Φ 100, Φ 120, Φ 170, Φ 200 × 1000; UHMW-PE Pipe: Φ 89/Φ 108/Φ 320 ; and also manufacture fender panels of various wharves, rollers, wear blocks, impact-resistant plates, curved panels and various molding products used for port machinery; We also can process various properties of sheets, pipe  and other products according to your requirements/ drawings. Our company has the most advanced and complete integrated performance testing equipment, the advanced automatic production lines for UHMW-PE Sheets, the most advanced manufacturing process, the automatic control detection system and computer-based control management system.
    Under the principle of "Science and Technology Revitalization, Continuous Innovation", we always stick to providing the best products and services to our customers, adhering to that customers’ satisfaction is our satisfaction. We always maintain close cooperation with Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Shanghai Plastics Research Institute, Beijing Institute of Chemical Industry, Beijing Plastics Research Institute and Nanjing Rubber Factory etc. We will provide good quality products and perfect after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction to our products.
    The road ahead will be long, we will never terminate pursuit. All the staff in our company cordially welcome your presence and advice at home and abroad, seeking Friendship, Cooperation and Common Development.

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