UHMW-PE Sheet、PE Sheet
  Bunker Lining Plate、Silo Liner、High Wear-resistant Plate
  UHMWPE Shaped Pieces、Rollers、Bushings、Abrasion-resistant Block
  Fendercap、Fender Panels、Fender Impingement Plate
  Engineering Plastics Alloy MGE、MGA、MGB
  MC Nylon Rod、Nylon Pulley、Nylon Bushings
  Rare Earth Nanometer Reinforced Plastics
  Anti-static PE Sheet、Color PE Sheet
Bunker Lining Plate、Silo Liner、High Wear-resistant Plate

Product Description
   When stored in various containers (chute, hopper, box, transport chute, etc.) or in transit, the material will be blocked because of caking, bridging or freeze, it will waste time and money to solve this problem.
   However, if using UHMW-PE sheet, it can prevent material from blocking because it has high abrasion resistant and low friction coefficient. Meanwhile, UHMW-PE sheet has low water absorption and not affected by temperature of the material, therefore, we can use all advantages of UHMW-PE sheet to manufacture engineering plastics products of UHMW-PE and nylon by adopting industrial methods of cross-linking and metallization production according to different working conditions. Therefore, UHMW-PE products have been the best product in papermaking industry, ceramic industry, food industry and chemical industry etc.

UHMW-PE Sheet Applications
    Power plant, concentrating mill, steel and iron plant, coal preparation plant, shipyard,     harbour.

Main application:
essel and ocean!use for liner of ship, hopper and dredger¨s bucket. It can make the self discharging system of boat operate normal and prevent from block, improve the speed of discharging above 30%. It also can use for dock fender, block, bottom plate of inflatable dinghies, bearing of stern tube, etc.

    Coal and mine!use for plate of coal bin, protecting border and plate of screw transmission equipment, plate of coal spout, turning roller sleeve  etc.
    Thermal power generation!use for plate of coal bin, major axis shaft sleeve and vane of concentrated tank, high pressure jet, etc.
    Metallurgy equipment!use for profile steel transmission roller, transmission roller of steel plate, sheet steel molding roller, hopper plate (for limestone, plaster, metal filing, silica sand, casting sand, etc). It can reduce noise and power consumption, and increase usage life.
    Car!use for inner plate of various loader's bucket, inner plate of wagon box that transmission fly ash  and cement, inner plate of bucket wheel excavator, plate of tunnel lead gasket  etc.
    Chemical industry!use for acid pump, driver of chemical pump, protecting plate of shaft sleeve and pickling tank, liner of slide of screw transmission equipment  etc.
    Paper industry!use for panel board of suction box, log belt idler, dehydration tool, forming board, slice board etc.