UHMW-PE Sheet、PE Sheet
  Bunker Lining Plate、Silo Liner、High Wear-resistant Plate
  UHMWPE Shaped Pieces、Rollers、Bushings、Abrasion-resistant Block
  Fendercap、Fender Panels、Fender Impingement Plate
  Engineering Plastics Alloy MGE、MGA、MGB
  MC Nylon Rod、Nylon Pulley、Nylon Bushings
  Rare Earth Nanometer Reinforced Plastics
  Anti-static PE Sheet、Color PE Sheet
UHMWPE Special parts
Production Description
Ⅰ. Characteristics
    Due to excellent properties, UHMW-PE is suitable for marking various abrasion-resistance mechanical parts, for example supporting roller, bushings, nozzle, mixing blade. UHMW-PE products are used widely.
Ⅱ Application

Application area

Application example

Transport mechinery

Guide rail , conveyer belt , slide block of conveyer , fixing plate , time starwheel of flow production line

Food machinery

Star wheel , bottle delivery counting screw , bearing of filling-sealing machine , parts of bottle grasping machine , washer guide pin , air cylinder , gear , roller , handle of chain wheel

Paper machinery

Cover plate of suction box, slanting guide roller, scraper, bearing, filter,  oil reservoir, felt cleaning machine

Textile machinery

Scutcher, baffle of shock absorber, connector, crank shaft, picking stick, sidespin bearing, whip

Construction machinery

Agricultural machinery

Inner material of coach of self-discharging truck ,

Chemical machinery

Valve body, pump body, washer, filter, gear, nut, seal ring, nozzle, faucet, shaft sleeve, corrugated pipe

Port machinery , shipping machinery

Shipping parts, roller crane for travelling crane, anti-attrite block

General machinery

Gear, bearing pad, bushing, slide board, clutch, director, arrester brake, gemel, flexible coupling, roller, brasket wheel, fastener, slide parts of lifting table

Deyeing modify

Bearing of dip dyeing machine, scraper, slide board, liner, seal parts, stentering guide disc

Stationery and Sport Goods

Sleigh, surface of skating rink, protection bracket of ice rink

Medicine component

Outside parts of rectangle, artificial joint, artificial limb, etc.


Freeze machine, shield of nuclear power station, plating parts, parts of ultra-low temperature machineFreeze machine, shield of nuclear power station, plating parts, parts of ultra-low temperature machine