UHMW-PE Sheet、PE Sheet
  Bunker Lining Plate、Silo Liner、High Wear-resistant Plate
  UHMWPE Shaped Pieces、Rollers、Bushings、Abrasion-resistant Block
  Fendercap、Fender Panels、Fender Impingement Plate
  Engineering Plastics Alloy MGE、MGA、MGB
  MC Nylon Rod、Nylon Pulley、Nylon Bushings
  Rare Earth Nanometer Reinforced Plastics
  Anti-static PE Sheet、Color PE Sheet

Production description
    UHMW-PE is thermoplatics engineering plastic, it has all the advantages of plastics, some properties such as impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubricate, impact energy absorption are the best of all the plastics. UHMW-PE has been widely used in Europe and America, and the demand to new material are growing fast .
    The disadvantages of UHMW-PE : low surface hardness, low mechanic strength, low heat distortion temperature, low resistance to high temperature, hard to machining etc.