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Applications I

    Our products apply to Material Handling, Construction Machinery, Cement Industry, Coal Industry, Ship-building Industry, Mining Industry, Salt Industry and Heat Power Plant etc. Using the performance of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE), it can be the linings of hopper, bunker and chute for Material Handling, Coal, Cement, Lime, Mining Powder, Transportation, Salt Industry. Because it has good features of self-lubricating and non-tacky, there is no adhesion phenomenon for the above materials working in handling equipment. Before the hoppers of coal mining and ore mining use stainless steel as the linings, if we use UHMW-PE lining, it can reduce heat phenomenon during long time use. The service life of the hoppers for transporting ore increases 10-15 times than that of metal material. The construction cost is low if we use UHMW-PE hoppers, therefore the feed hopper for transporting coal in power plant also use UHMW-PE to be the linings, thus increasing reserves and preventing jam. Due to good performances of wear resistance, self-lubricating, no absorbing water, non-tacky and light weight, it is suitable for the ceiling board of cargo space for self-discharging ship, it can effectively prevent goods bonding, the arch camber greatly increases self-discharging capacity of the goods, thus shortening discharging cycle and decreasing the intensity of labor, meanwhile, reducing angle of inclination for self-discharging ship of warehouse hopper, increasing the available capacity of warehouse.

    In coal plant, coal spout not only save a great deal of steel, but also reduce tilt angle, then improve produced quantity and reduce labour intensity, whose usage life increase 2 times than magnesium alloy of the spout. If using traditional metal material for the liner of the spout bucket and ore carriage in cold and wet weather, the material often are frozen to the metal, but using UHMW-PE material will not and reduce discharging time. Using UHMW-PE for sieve plate of coal washery plant can reduce noise and improve working environment.

    Our UHMW-PE sheet has been used in power industry, cement plant, coal industry and mining industry etc. We will sincerely provide large clients with the exceptional quality, reasonable price and good installation process. Meanwhile, we hope that we will explore new fields of UHMW-PE with friends and business partners, purchasing common development and cooperation.


    UHMW-PE is applied to food machinery , light industry machinery , paper machinery , universal machinery , textile machinery , chemical machinery , grain processing , etc.
    In grain processing industry , UHMW-PE is used for making liner or pipe , it has instead of steel pipe . The advantage are : (1) Excellent abrasion resistance : it is 7-8 times as high as steel pipe , reduced noise and cost of maintenance . So it is better way to using UHMW-PE for making bottom guide rail of masse conveyor and bearing of screw conveyor .
    In food machinery industry , UHMW-PE is destined for the material that can storage and deliver food directly . It often be used for delivery line of cold drinking , flavouring and so on . The advantage are : preventing bottle from damage on delivery , reducing noise and power loss, decreasing delivery belt and abrasion of delivery screw. UHMW-PE also be used for making panel board and parts of food production machine for meat , quick frozen food , milk , candy, confect and bread .
    In light machinery industry and paking industry , using HUMW-PE for making guide rail , slides socket of delivery , fixing plate and so on , not only decreased investment of equipment , but also extend usage life about 10-50 times . 
    In paper machinery industry , UHMW-PE is widely used for making suction box cover , slice , etc. It can protect expensive copper net or stainless steel net , reduced down time , and create great economic benefit for paper industry .
    In universal machinery industry , because of excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance, UHMW-PE is wildly used for making parts for gear , cam, impeller, rolling wheel, sliding wheel, bearing bush, bearing, bearing washer, sealing washer, strength rolling shaft, etc.
    In textile machinery industry, UHMW-PE is used for making stressed parts for textile machinery at earliest, such as picker, buffer¨s fender, picking pole, rolling wheel, picking cover, connector, bearing, bearing bush.
    In chemical machinery industry , because of excellent abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, UHMW-PE is only a good material for making various chemical container , facing layer and liner of mechanical machine . It can be also used for making valve, pipe, flange, blade of impeller, shaft sleeve, washer and so on. Otherwise, using UHMW-PE instead of metal for marking tie plate of metallic sieve, gear, and will improve usage life and save cost.


Application ‰
    UHMW-PE is applied to dock , transportation , crane , engineering machine , dock fender, etc. Because of excellent abrasion resistance, UHMW-PE is suitable for making sliding wheel , sliding block , supporting roller , anti-abrasion block etc. The advantage of UHMW-PE are: (1) Excellent abrasion resistance and self-lubrication : improving usage life and few maintenance , suitable for ocean or corrosion environment , low noise , buffer and shocking absorption role; (2) Light weight: convenient for maintenance, removing and installation, reducing labor intensity .
    The structure of super arch type rubber fender that made of UHMW-PE base on original technology is adhere specified UHMW-PE faceplate on the top of arch type rubber fender. Because of excellent properties of UHMW-PE faceboard, the shortage of high frictional coefficient between rubber fender and steel structure of hull has been overcame. Other advantage of using UHMW-PE material are : decreasing the weight of rubber fender , saving cost, installation and maintenance conveniently etc.